Could you work with us?

Like most consultancy firms we draw on a pool of experts as projects dictate. If you have the skills we need then please send us your details.


We regularly need people with general skills in installing and troubleshooting IT systems and networks. A good knowledge of Windows and Unix and/or networking is assumed.


In most cases software engineering skills are assumed - normally in assembler or 'C' together with a current niche language such as Java or Oracle. You are likely to be proficient in embedded development or Unix in addition to Microsoft platforms. At the level we expect, formal qualifications are not a good indication of practical knowledge; fifteen years of front-line experience is.

Please provide a list of specialisations and topics of interest. A fancy CV is not required; where you obtained skill is immaterial. You won't be trying to impress a HR department,  but will be speaking directly with someone who can spot a fake a mile off. We need the kind of networking consultant who can speak at length on the latest hot topics, but can't wire a plug or program a router, like we need the plague. If, however, you're still reading at the end of this diatribe (and know what diatribe means) then we should probably be talking.