Frequently Asked Questions - Home PC Users

I think I have a virus on my computer, how do I get rid of it?

Firstly, DO NOT search the Internet and download a "fix". A lot of these are actually malware. In fact it's common for there to be fixes for fictitious problems, designed either to extort money or trick you in to downloading more malware. Just because your computer is acting strange, it doesn't mean it has a virus.

Although removing most malware is relatively simple, you may need a local IT support person to do it for you. It is extremely difficult to remove malware from a computer while it is operating. Instead, the infected hard disk must either be removed and installed on another machine as a data disk, or the computer booted from some other disk, such as a CD-ROM.

If you want to try this yourself, I currently recommend the Kaspersky Rescue Disk, which can be downloaded free and burnt to a bootable CD. It’s an easy way to clean most malware from a hard disk, but you need to be familiar with Linux to use it properly. If you’re not sure about doing this you may make matters worse if you try, so get help sooner rather than later.