Frequently Asked Questions - Home PC Users

Why do spammers do it?

There are basically three types of spam you are likely to receive. Firstly there are people using it as a cheap form of advertising, sometimes for legal products but often as part of some scam or other. Secondly there are what’s known as “phishing” attacks, where criminals are trying to trick you in to revealing personal information needed to steal money from your bank account (for example). These often work by asking you to log in to a fake web site pretending to be your bank or somewhere else where your personal details are stored. The criminals then take the credentials you've entered and log in to the real web site, pretending to be you. The third type of spam is designed to take over your computer by sending you malware, either as an attached file or by getting you to click on a web link. Malware is the term used to describe software used for criminal purposes, including, but not limited to computer viruses.